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Shakeology: From the Fields

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You are invited...

Join the Rochester Fit Club as we embark on the 1st of 3 consecutive 30 Day Challenges to jump start your fitness, your health, your LIFE. Come along for 1 or all 3 - it's your choice. Take the first step toward creating a healthier, more fit YOU. We've got a great team of Independent Beachbody Coaches to provide a supportive, motivtional and FUN environment for you to reach your personal goals. Want to lose weight? Build Muscle? Have more Energy? Whatever it is, these 30 Day Challenges will help get you there. We have a Level 1 Group and a Level 2 Group so that everyone can feel comfortable and encouraged no matter their fitness level.

The Challenge begins March 1st in your home. Pick your program (connect with the Coach who sent you this and decide what fitness program that is right for you) and then commit! Our first meeting/workout will be March 6th. At each meeting we will check in with the group, report our nutrition for the week, how many times we pushed play, and how many days we took our supplements and Shakeology. We will then workout.

There is no judgement, no ridicule, or embarassement. The Rochester Fit Club and our 30 Day Challenges are designed to be supportive, motivational, and encouraging. There are no winners or losers, just people helping people succeed.

Decide. Commit. Succeed.


Physikos Gym
Village Gate
302 North Goodman Street, E-201
Rochester, NY
(Located above Salena's Mexican Restaraunt)

Dates & Times

1. March 6th

Level 1 Group: 9:30am, Work Out: Shakeology
Level 2 Group: 10:45am, Work out: P90X Kenpo X

2. March 13th - NO WORKOUT, Venue is unavailable.

Instead Coach Meeting at 10am at the Bagel Bin Twelve Corners in Brighton. If you are not a coach you are more than welcome to attend and join us for coffee. :0)

3. March 20th
Level 1 Group: 9:30am, Work Out: Shakeology
Level 2 Group: 10:45am, Work Out: P90X Kenpo X

4. March 27th
Level 1 Group: 9:30am, Work Out: Slim in 6
Level 2 Group: 10:45am, Work Out: Tony Horton 1 On 1: Fountain of Youth Yoga
(Details for 2nd 30 Day Challenge TBA)

Are you ready to make a change? It all starts with one step: DECIDE.
Please RSVP to the person who sent you this by February 27th.

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